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Victoria Police Legacy (VPL) is a charitable organisation that provides a range of services to police families who have suffered the loss of a loved one. These services are provided both within and outside of Victoria as VPL remains part of a connected network of police legacies across Australia. VPL would like to thank its membership for supporting our work and provide awareness of the criteria of `legatee’:

  • Serving or retired sworn member of Victoria Police, Protective Services Officers and recruits in training who have lost a spouse or child;  
  • Partners of serving or retired sworn members, Protective Services Officers and recruits in training who have lost their spouse or child.
    • Note: For resigned members who fall into one of the above categories, they have served more than 25 years with Victoria Police.  
  • Support is also provided to another cohort known as Friends of Police Legacy (FoPL). FoPL include:
    • Parents of the deceased member, Protective Services Officers or recruit in training when they were not married and/or in a current relationship;
    • Legatees who have entered a new relationship and/or remarried but remain connected to VPL;
    • any other person(s) as deemed appropriate by the Board of VPL.

Upon request, VPL can also provide support for a member/retired member, Protective Services Officers, recruit or the spouse or child of same where the need for that support is deemed by the Board to be special and extraordinary. Generally, this support will be to enhance the quality of life of a person where death is imminent or expected. Due to the breadth of individual circumstances, VPL should be contacted in the first instance to discuss possible support.

Victoria Police Legacy is a not-for-profit public benevolent institution that has Australian Taxation Office Deductible Gift Recipient status.

Our income is primarily derived from the extremely generous financial support of the many thousands of sworn members of Victoria Police ranging from the newest recruit to the Chief Commissioner, without whom much of the high quality support and services would not be possible. This is complemented by bequests, sponsorship, returns on investment and other donations.

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