Friends of Police Legacy

Friends of Police Legacy

Victoria Police Legacy (VPL) introduced the concept of Friends of Police Legacy sometime ago to provide greater inclusiveness for those in the police family who have lost a loved one and/or for those who have supported police families. VPL will provide Friends of Police Legacy with support and fellowship.

The Friends of Police Legacy concept has evolved as VPL has grown. Feedback from previous legatees, staff and board members identified the need for VPL to ensure an ongoing connectedness to VPL, the police family and policing, especially with regard to legatee children and young people.

Friends of Police Legacy are: 
(a) The parent or guardian of a child who is a legatee
(b) The parents of deceased members of Victoria Police where the deceased member was not married and/or in a current relationship;
(c) A member who, through death, loses a child where the child is 21 years of age or under, and;
(d) Any other person(s) as deemed appropriate by the Board of VPL in its absolute discretion, having regard to the length of service with Victoria Police; the support of VPL or others connected with Victoria Police; their circumstances of separation from Victoria Police and other relevant matters

Accordingly, VPL support to you will include an invitation to attend a regional luncheon, and Field Officer support. 

If you are unsure of your status, know anyone who may be eligible to be a legatee or Friend of Police Legacy please call and or encourage that person to contact the team at VPL on (03) 9663 4280, Country callers – 1800 065 999 or email: