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500 k's in 100 days

At the Victoria Police Academy, VPL Ambassador Supt. Brad Dixon started his ‘Super 500 Winter Legacy Challenge’, on Monday 3rd June, where he will run 5 k’s each day for the next 100 days. Brad is doing this challenge in support of the efforts of Recruit Squads 39 & 40 of 18/19 who are the currently holders of ‘The Victoria Police Legacy Challenge Baton’ to raise funds for Victoria Police Legacy whilst they are in training. Those wishing to run are asked to contribute a gold coin towards the effort.


It was a bit wet, but a great start to Brad’s 100 days of running 5 k’s around the academy running track. Yesterday Brad was joined by recruits from Squads 39 & 40 of 18/19 and Deputy Commissioner Rick Nugent, who is fully supportive of this great initiative and showing his support for VPL.


Our sincere thanks to Brad and the other VPL Ambassador behind this great initiative, Sergeant Sashi Vagadia.


We all wish Brad all the very best for the next 99 days!