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And The Winner Is.....Kindness


And The Winner Is ....... Kindness
In a world where there seems to be so much wrong it is helpful to remember how much kindness and good things also exist. Out of the heartbreaking tragedy of Australian cyclist Amy Gillett being killed in a bicycle collision in 2005 came the Amy Gillett foundation to make our roads safer for all cyclists. In the moment of unimaginable sadness when Sergeant Ken Rich was killed in a bicycle accident only a few weeks ago the family of Ken had the courage and sense of kindness to support the Amy Gillett foundation.
On 16 & 17 September 2017 Pakenham local Rob Rowland will be participating in the Annual Amy Gillett Ride to raise awareness and funds for bicycle safety. To support Rob on Saturday the 27th of May the Ryan Road Child Care and Swimming Pool Centre in Pakenham held a fundraiser with all proceeds going to the Amy Gillett foundation. The families of Amy and Ken have stepped up with acts of kindness to reduce the chances of people they don't know being injured or killed when riding bicycles. Let's support them and honour the memories of Amy & Ken by donating to The Amy Gillett Foundation at