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Just a Dream - Alex Prestney

Congratulations to Senior Constable Alex Prestney who has recently released his debut single 'Just a Dream'! Alex's beautiful heartfelt uplifting tribute is to his brother Constable Joshua Prestney and as Alex says "it goes out to anyone who has grieved and lost..." Click on the link and have a listen.

In his own words, Alex says:-

"After years of sitting behind the kit in various bands as a drummer, 'Just a Dream' comes as a bittersweet homage to my late brother, Josh Prestney.

Josh and I grew up in Melbourne, Victoria in a relatively loud household; myself as a drummer and Josh as a guitarist. We owe their skill and passion to our parents who allowed our love for music flourish with utmost support and joy for our craft. From teenagers to young men, music was a way of life - a passion, an outlet and a place to express endless creativity; Josh and I shared a close bond with music. When I became a member of Victoria Police, music was something I also stayed close to, as it was a way to detach from difficulties we face within the job but also to remember my roots and connect with my passion that I’d been involved in for many years prior to joining the police force.

In April 2020, Josh's life was cut short, as he was killed whilst performing a routine traffic stop as a member of the Victoria Police sending a shockwave of grief and anguish through our tight-knit family, who'd now lost their talented and loving blue-eyed boy.

Josh's guitars fell silent, but I didn't. Music was my way of healing and connecting with my brother, and through weeks that turned into months’ worth of self-taught guitar, 'Just a Dream' was born. My aim was to write lyrics that could resonate with anyone and a beat and melody that may surprise, with an expectation of the song to be a highly emotional ballad. As difficult as music became to continue, it still remained a prominent figure in how I dealt with the grief of losing Josh and I felt like I owed it to him to learn his craft and put my energy into it, especially as its what he put his heart and soul into.

I enjoy this song very much, and I want others to enjoy it the same way with a strong drive and upbeat tempo. It borrows sound from a wide variety of genres and themes that have been a part of my musical taste for many years, but as long as it was fun and enjoyable to write and play - that’s all that mattered to me. Written for, but not only for my brother, it goes out to anyone who has grieved and lost before so they too can feel a connection with someone lost, but always loved."