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Message from the Chair - Commander Lauren Callaway APM

Message from the Chair - Commander Lauren Callaway APM

On behalf of the Victoria Police Legacy family, which includes our Board members, CEO and staff, ambassadors and membership of over 14,000 serving police, I would like to express our deepest sympathies to the families of the four police who died last night in the most tragic circumstances. Last night’s shocking news took all of us by surprise and in many ways we just could not comprehend that it was true. We now need to prepare ourselves for the coming days, knowing the terrible effects of yesterday will reverberate through the policing community forever.

The loss of a police officer on duty is something we all fear when we see our loved ones put on their uniform and go to work, but to experience the loss of four police officers in a single event is incomprehensible. It shouldn’t ever happen.

Victoria Police Legacy will do whatever we can to support the families through their grief and suffering. We will harness the thoughts and prayers of every member of the policing family that sits behind us to support these families with love, care and respect. We will do this for the rest of their lives.

We thank the many representatives of policing and emergency service agencies around Australia that have already reached out to say we are thinking of you. It is during these times that that the best of humanity is on show as we try to make sense of something that is so unjust and senseless.

In the coming days, we expect community and police will come together to find ways to comfort each other and show support for those left behind. Victoria Police Legacy has established the 'Victoria Police Remembrance Fund', a dedicated fund through Westpac to collect donations on behalf of the families. This fund is supported by our trusted partners The Police Association of Victoria, Blue Ribbon and BankVic. 

Donation details:-

"Victoria Police Legacy Remembrance Fund"
Westpac  BSB 033 178
Account  299178