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Proposed changes to the VPL Rules - to VPL Constitution

Victoria Police Legacy Scheme Incorporated Advice to Members – proposed changes to VPL Rules – to VPL ConstitutionThe Board of Victoria Police Legacy Scheme Incorporated (the association) wishes to advise members that at a Special General Meeting to be held on Wednesday the 20th September at 4 p.m. at the Victoria Police Legacy Office, 71 Drummond Street, Carlton South, a proposed new Constitution will be presented for adoption.The main changes relate to: -

  • Provision for former members, who have served at least 25 years prior to retirement or resignation, to become members of the association.
  • Enhancing the Object and Powers of the association for relief of grief and hardship experienced to by members, their partners and families and legatees caused by imminent or actual death or permanent (prolonged) disability and for other related purposes.
  • Establishing the position of ‘Ambassador’ of the association.
  • The inclusion of the definition, ‘Volunteer’.
  • Amendment to the ‘Board composition’ from 8 to 7 elected Directors, removal of the Board executive position of Treasurer (to be replaced by an employed Finance position) and the ability for the appointment of Director, at the discretion of the Board, who may not be a member of the association who possesses a mix of skills & attributes, which is required from time to time.
  • Maximum 3-year period of appointment of office bearer’s, with an option for 1 further year.
  • Amending the time of appointment of elected Directors from one to two years.
  • The inclusion of the ability for the receipt of proxy votes from Members at General Meetings.
The proposed ‘Victoria Police Legacy Scheme Incorporated Constitution’ can be viewed at:- "Constitution"


Enquiries can be directed to: Chief Executive Officer Lex de Man AFSM, ph.: - 9663 4280

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